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Creative Mentor Network – The Art of Trauma Informed Practice: Developing Resilience with Jo Stockdale (22nd March 2024)

  • Friday 22nd March 2024 at 9:30am - 12:00pm
  • FREE (RRP £35)
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This session is only for Creative Mentors on The Mighty Creatives’ Creative Mentoring Pool.

In response to the Creative Mentoring Support Survey, we have worked hard to craft a training programme that responds to the needs of the Creative Mentors. We hope you find the sessions inspiring.

This is the final part, part 5, of our training programme: The Art of Trauma Informed Practice, working alongside Jo Stockdale to explore key aspects of our Creative Mentoring Role.

What can I expect from this session?
To understand that resilience is not one attitude or state of mind, but a set of dynamic, interactive and sometimes contradictory characteristics, which vary according to the situation that the young person is in at that time.

In this session, you will explore…
What those characteristics of resilience might look like for different young people at different times in their lives, and how to strengthen children’s resilience accordingly – even though this may not fully align with their learned expectations of resilience, e.g. ‘being strong’, independent or highly ambitious.

We hope by the end of the session
You will have a clearer understanding on the ‘ingredients’ of resilience, and how you can cultivate it in your creative mentoring practice in more ways than bouncebackability, positive thinking and risk-taking.


About the Training Programme

The programme will be a 5-part series, designed for Creative Mentors to attend the whole programme, or stand-alone sessions. We have designed these to be at different dates and times. All sessions will take place on Zoom.

  • Session 1: An Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice and Attachment Theory – Tuesday 19th September 3.30-6.30pm.
  • Session 2: Managing Beginnings and Endings – Wednesday 22nd November 9.30-12pm.
  • Session 3: Sensory and Emotional Regulation – Monday 8th January 2024 1.30-4pm.
  • Session 4: The Turbulent and Adolescent Brain – Thursday 8th February 2024 4-6.30pm.
  • Session 5: Developing Resilience – Friday 22nd March 2024 9.30-12.

As part of each session, the final 30 minutes will be open for reflective discussion and Q&A. It’s not compulsory for all attendees to stay for this section, however, we know this has been requested via the survey.

Any questions, please email


Friday 22nd March 2024



Attendee requirements

The session will be on Zoom.

Please log onto Zoom 5 minutes before the start time to enable a prompt start to the session.

Booking for this will close on 15th March – so book early to avoid disappointment.