We’re a national charity providing creative youth services for the most unheard children and young people in society. We’ve been fighting for the creative voices of children and young people for more than 13 years – and we need you to help fight our mighty cause.


what we do

Find out how our youth services help to empower the most unheard children and young people.

how you can help

There are lots of ways you can support our mighty cause – find out how you can get involved today!

latest stories

Hear first-hand stories from the young people and organisations we’ve supported.

our vision and mission

Our vision is to inspire children and young people to harness the power of arts, creativity and culture for positive change.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, our mission has five strategic objectives which all focus on improving the cultural lives of young people, especially those who are most disadvantaged:

  • Children and young people living in need will have experienced a cultural intervention designed to improve their life chances.
  • Children and young people are visible and audible in the leadership of services that impact them.
  • Creative practitioners, educators and employers have a deeper understanding of the ‘lived life of a child in need’ and have developed the skills to support their development needs.
  • Investment in our work has increased to support the sustainability and growth of the charity.
  • Adoption and delivery of Creative Mentoring practice has been embraced nationally and internationally through the leadership of the National Centre for Creative Mentoring.

download our business plan

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