Arts Council England funding decision – FAQs

You may have read recently that our application for Arts Council England’s (ACE) National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) funding unfortunately proved unsuccessful. We’ve put together a handy FAQ to help answer some questions you may have about what this means for TMC, the future of our programmes, and your work with us.

Our full statement in response to the NPO funding decision can be found here.

What happens next for The Mighty Creatives?

We remain steadfast in our commitment to our vision and mission, and to supporting children and young people in need. Our focus for the future centres on continuing to deliver our work as a Bridge organisation until 31st March 2023, and our commitments to other funders, while making plans for the transition period that will follow.

Our dedicated Senior Leadership Team and Board of Trustees are currently exploring alternative options and funding opportunities to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the charity.

Will you continue to provide your Creative Mentoring programme?

Since our Creative Mentoring programme has confirmed funding from Children in Need, we want to assure our partners, mentors, and mentees that we will continue to provide this service. We would like to reiterate that we are exploring new funding options for our Creative Mentoring programme to ensure its future sustainability.

For more information about our Creative Mentoring programme, please click here.

We’re an Artsmark school – will you still be there to support us?

As part of our commitments to our ACE Bridge contract, we will continue to deliver the Artsmark programme, including our support for schools in the East Midlands, until 31st March 2023. We are currently awaiting a decision from ACE about how support for schools will be provided after this date, and this will be communicated with schools once confirmed.

For more information and news about Artsmark, please visit the Artsmark website.

Will you continue to deliver Arts Award?

Our delivery of Arts Award is a commitment of our ACE Bridge contract, which will come to an end on 31st March 2023. We are currently supporting a variety of organisations, schools, and youth settings to deliver Arts Award through a series of grants and bursaries, and we remain committed to supporting these organisations until the end of our Bridge contract.

For more information and news about Arts Award, please visit the Arts Award website.

Will you continue to support the East Midlands’ Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs)?

We work closely with a range of cultural organisations to help support and develop Local Cultural Education Partnerships. Our support for LCEPs in the East Midlands will continue until the 31st March 2023 as part of our commitments to our ACE Bridge contract.

For more information and news about support for LCEPS, please visit Arts Council England’s website.


If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered in this FAQ, please contact us by emailing