creative hero day

creative hero day

Creative Hero Day is the region’s new and exciting campaign for creative and cultural education.

Too often, arts and cultural education, is viewed as “nice to have” and “not essential” to the education of children and young people. We are leading the fight to make the case that cultural education offers so much more to the life chances of young people.

Take Claude Monet and the Impressionists movement. They are famous not for their skills with a brush but more how they bravely explored an idea, understood it and shared it with others.

Behind every creative hero is this creative process. Da Vinci engaged with it, so did Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, The Beatles and Steve Jobs. Today, Will.I.Am engages with it, as does Steven Spielberg and Dan TDM. Creative Heroes are great creators, innovators, movers, shakers and disruptors of the world we live in.

we would like you to join our campaign this autumn!

From school to work, from the gallery to the cinema… inspiring the region to talk about creativity and share stories of our Creative Heroes.

Help us raise awareness and the cash to invest in creative lives. We are looking for supporters to join us from schools or colleges, arts and cultural venues, businesses and individuals.

Together we can fight for the creative voice of children & young people.

how you can take part in our creative hero day campaign

In signing up to Creative Hero Day, due to take place this autumn, we ask you, our supporters (pupils, parents, colleagues or community visitors) to support our campaign throughout autumn by donating just £1 to your event or activity! Could you host a creative coffee morning or wear a t-shirt to work or school celebrating your creative hero (we all have one!)?

All money raised and donated to the campaign will go directly into supporting the charity to reach more children and young people through our work. Your donations and support really will make a difference.

stay tuned for details on how to sign up soon!

are you ready to change lives?

Of course you are. Host your event your way and make sure children and young people can access creativity and culture no matter where they live.

Sign up and pledge your support today! You’ll receive a fundraising pack and access to our exclusive fundraising hub. Together we can make a difference on Creative Hero Day.

Celebrating creativity. Inspired by Heroes. #MightyCreativeHero

Eager to make a donation? Visit our Just Giving Pagefor this campaign.