Learning Leadership Skills with Boss Bike Rides

Recently one of our European WellBe partners Yonko Bushnyashki along with his son Christian took part in their own Boss Bike Ride in Bulgaria! Below Yonko reflects on the importance of leadership – something our Boss Bike Rides campaign champions in all paths both personal and professional – and how learning to be a boss is a lifelong lesson.

Learning leadership skills is beneficial to adolescents as it includes developing social skills and self-confidence. Practically every situation we encounter as adults was once faced in childhood. When you teach a child the skills to face life challenges, communicate effectively, manage problems and conflicts, and collaborate with other people, they carry that knowledge with them throughout life.

Since the beginning of the 21st century we have seen a deepening of a worrying global trend trend of a decline in motivation to learn and work in younger people that is constantly growing. This threatens economic growth and increases the risk of social isolation and exclusion.

Today it is generally accepted that the development of social competence is one of the key skills for the job market, and is essential for personal and professional improvement, as well as for a successful adaptation of the person to changing conditions.

Social skills are crucial to the motivation of people, for their achievements and professional satisfaction in the workplace, which itself affects the quality of their work. The lack of professional skills can be compensated in a work environment much easier, for a short period of time and at lower cost unlike social skills and motivation that are being constantly developed over the course of lifetime. It is therefore necessary for education and training to focus on this aspect of intelligence and adaptability.

Yonko’s son Christian also had some words of inspiration, showing that leadership in all its forms and meanings has no age limit, and that’s pretty Boss!
To me leadership is having a strong connection with your team, class or friends. Helping them succeed in something and supporting them to be even better. I also think that it means having trust and respect for someone. Because if you don’t have trust in somebody, they can’t be a productive part in your team.

If you’d like more information about the Boss Bike Ride campaign, including dates of upcoming rides and how you can donate to the campaign, take a look below.