Our focus as a charity is to draw in as much investment in to the region to improve the life chances of as many children and young people as possible. We are leading the fight for the creative voices of children and young people, the investment we receive goes directly in to this work.


our work as a bridge organisation

We receive funding from Arts Council England to be a Bridge Sector Support Organisation for the East Midlands. This investment allows us to support and invest in strategically vital partnerships that deliver great work in responding to the Cultural Education Challenge. Our Partnership Investment Plan covers the detail of how this investment is working for our Bridge Sector Support Contract for 2018-2022.


our work with other funders

We receive investment from funders such as Spirit of 2012 and Children in Need which allow us to run vital programmes of creative and cultural activity in areas of the Midlands that need it most. Thousands of children and young people and their families have benefited from our programmes of activity; reaching the hardest to reach and lowest engagement areas. Our successful Emerge programme demonstrates how we work with the funding we receive, with the benefits reaching emerging artists, young participants and the wider community. We take the funding we receive and make it work hard across the region, empowering as many young people as possible along the way.