the peterborough collective – branding brief

The Peterborough Collective are a youth board that is working alongside the Peterborough Cultural Alliance to give young people a voice in decisions that are being made in Peterborough.

We have 6 commitments we stand by as a collective. They are as follows:

  1. We work to ensure every child and young person is represented in Peterborough. 
  2. We commit to visible action, rather than words. 
  3. We are environmentally conscious in our actions.  
  4. We empower emerging artists and creatives in Peterborough.  
  5. We champion children and young people in decisions about their city’s arts and culture. 
  6. We celebrate our ever-changing city.


We are looking for a young emerging designer to:

  • Design a logo for the collective (including colour scheme and typography)
  • Design Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates.

We are accepting anyone with any level of experience, whether you enjoy designing, are starting out in your career as an artist or have lots of years of experience.

We want something that represents both the vibrancy and dynamics of Peterborough as well as our creativity as a group. Our collective is distinctive because we are advocates for arts and culture, passionate about young people having a voice and desperate to make a difference in our community.

Our target audience for the collective is young people (<25 years old)

As we stand, we currently don’t have any form of branding, so the floor is completely open for you to show your creativity.

Budget and Timeline

We have a budget which equivalates to 6 days of work of £250 per day, which totals to £1,500 for this piece of work, inclusive of VAT.

The deadline for applications is 14th November. Following this, we will shortlisting applications and the successful candidate will be asked to produce 3 ideas to be chosen by the Collective.

How to Apply

To apply, complete the google form by clicking the ‘apply now’ button below.

If you want to contact us our email address is:

Please download our FAQ Document if you have any questions! We will be in contact!


Peterborough Collective Recruitment Brief – FAQs27.20 KB

We are working in association with Festival Bridge.