The Mighty Dinosaurs – Samantha’s YEF Project!

Youth Board member, and YEF recipient Samantha has been hard at work cultivating her project The Mighty Dinosaurs to encourage children and young people in vulnerable circumstances to learn more about prehistoric creatures. Here, she talks about the project and her need for your support.

Hello! I am Samantha a Leicester-based Illustrator working with The Mighty Creatives on their YEF programme, I may also be recognised by the TMC youth board and Without Walls Exhibition.

We are currently going through a time in society when inflation is pushing vulnerable children into poverty with the current living crisis. Therefore, I have centred my project around helping children in need, I am curating a non-fiction 6 – 10 years old children’s book, to be given out to disadvantaged children in Leicester.

So, a little more about the book, it is going to be a 34-page picture book, exploring Dinosaurs that lived in England & Wales during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The non-fiction narrative will be an informative fun book, telling interesting facts and showing how to say these complicated Dinosaur names. Steve Brussate a Palaeontologist and Professor at the University of Edinburgh, Dinosaur enthusiast and writer with the bestseller – The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs.

I need your help, to make a real difference. By supporting this project, you are giving to vulnerable children during this living crisis; each book will cost £2.50 to print and deliver. Therefore, whatever you can give will make an impact. The books will be given out to Leicester-based primary schools with the connections of The Mighty Creatives and The City Classroom.

I have attached the GoFundMe link below, also follow me @TheMightyDinosaurs on Tiktok to see behind the scenes and learn some cool Dinosaur facts.

Thank you! Please share to spread the word.