“Thank you so much for this and for helping us out with supporting her needs. I really appreciate it. I wish all LAC kids had a Creative Mentor!!” – Secondary Teacher


The transition from Primary to Secondary school can be an unsettling and challenging time for any young person. These emotions are often heightened for care experienced and vulnerable young people who may already struggle self-esteem and building new relationships. In addition to this, the leap from childhood to adolescence is a very difficult time and unsurprisingly many young people struggle during this period.

Creative Mentors can help with this difficult transitional period by being a regular, consistent and trusted adult in a young person’s life. Creative Mentoring supports wellbeing through a creative and personalised learning journey, leading to re-engagement with education, peers and society as a whole.

The Creative Mentor will use sessions to get to know the young person and where to initiate one-to-one creative activity. Working with the young person is always practical, using a range of different tools (for example film, drama, music, poetry, photography and stories) to help young people safely explore the world around them, learn new skills, communicate with others and address personal and emotional issues from a ‘creative distance’.

At this point, Creative Mentors can help young people to think about their interests, identify what they enjoy and encourage a positive outlook for their future.

For Secondary aged young people, Creative Mentoring often takes place in school. However, if young people are in their exam years or are excluded, this may not be appropriate for them, so sessions can take place either in the community, arts venues or the residential placement / home.

Our Creative Mentoring Team will match young people with a mentor to suit their needs and schedules.

The Mighty Creatives offer Creative Mentoring as a commissioned service on a case-by-case basis using Pupil Premium Plus or wider social care support funding. We also provide fully and part-funded opportunities for those children who do not have access to additional funding.

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