what is act 4 change?

Funding from Esmée Fairburn Foundation 2015-2018 supported Act 4 Change, a 3 year programme of training, brokerage and support for young people and locally-based partner organisations. to tackle social issues using creativity and creative skills to lead change through social action projects.

The focus of our work and social action activity over the lifetime of the programme supported delivery in locations, and with groups, where arts and cultural engagement is low – and where social issues, such as isolation, poverty, low attainment in education and high levels of unemployment, are seen.

These factors often related to global issues like homelessness and migration, as well as location-specific issues relating to priority groups (Looked after children, Refugees) and services that meet their needs.

The programme exceeded planned targeted resulting in:

  • 878 children and young people participating in the programme
  • 267 of those participating directly influencing change in local communities
  • 385 children and young people gaining a better understanding of local communities
  • 18 events delivered by partners, sharing knowledge and exchanging models of practice
  • 272 children and young people with improved communication and leadership skills
  • 158 young people taking leadership roles as part of the programme
  • 154 qualifications achieved by children and young people
  • 105 organisations supporting young people led social action
  • 30 social action projects happening across the region
  • £30K invested in project awards to young people in their communities
  • 28 films, exhibitions, performances, songs, recordings, live radio, newsletters, social media, presentations and awards events produced and shared in local communities and regional network event