What is The Mighty Employers Network?

As a result of the incredible success of the Kickstart Scheme through The Mighty Employers gateway, we are continuing our commitment to supporting young people in vulnerable circumstances, to receive the right support, advice and opportunities to help them in the wider world. 

In our Kickstart Scheme over 71.5% of young people supported by our gateway were able to move on to further education, part-time or full-time employment.  

Is there something you can do within your organisation to help us decrease the number of young people not in employment, education and training?

If so, our Mighty Employers Network is a network of likeminded organisations who are committed to supporting young people from vulnerable circumstances, whether they’re care experienced or experienced episodes of need. We want employers to do everything they can to provide the best possible opportunity for young people to succeed in the working world.  

Don’t worry, you aren’t in this alone. Through our Mighty Employers Network, we offer support, training, guidance and networking opportunities to help you on your journey. 

How do you sign up to become a Mighty Employer?

To access funding, specialist training, resources, and further support, sign the Mighty Employers pledge to join our network of youth friendly employers!  

The process is simple: you will be sent a membership agreement to read and sign as well as our pledge document to support you. You will also have the opportunity to apply for £500 to support you in your journey to become a better youth friendly employer. 

Sign-up today by emailing creativementoring@mightycreatives.streamstudio2.co.uk with your interest.