Splash! WHYLD

Following the success of our Splash! programme, we have launched Splash! WHYLD. We took the waterways of the region as the central inspiration for this programme. Our aim is to generate a new understanding of the industrial and human heritage of the waterways, particularly through the eyes and senses of children and young people (CYP) with learning disabilities – and their families.

WHYLD will be delivered with a consortium of partner organisations working together with schools, disability agencies, community groups, local authorities and universities.

we’re looking for children and young people to get involved

We’ll be reaching out to children and young people (CYP) to get involved in creating art, of various disciplines/forms, at home to be submitted to and be exhibited digitally.

digital workshops

We’ll be running digital workshops, focusing on a variety of art forms, and created by a number of different specialist artists. These will be made available for CYP to take part in and learn from at home.

our core focus

Our core focus is to ensure that young people with varying access needs are able to explore and take part in this opportunity. This all helps to empower young people with disabilities, their friends and their families to boost their self esteem and wellbeing. A diverse art base centred on a range of activities and projects will ensure that young people can use whatever art form they want, with specialist artists developing a scope of inspiring activities.