Youth Cultural Life Fund 2020

Are you a creative and motivated young person aged between 14 and 21?   
Do you want to use your creative skills to make a positive change in your community during these challenging times?   
If your answers to the above questions are YES, why not apply for one of our Youth Cultural Life Fund bursaries to help you?  
What is the Youth Cultural Life Fund? 
The Youth Cultural Life Fund invites you to think of a creative idea that tackles some of the challenges we are facing now, in our lives and in our communities. How you do this is completely up to you, but should be about using your creativity. Your idea should help to bring about positive social change! 
Through the Youth Cultural Life Fund, we will:  
– Award up to 50 bursaries to young people between now and March 2021  
– Award bursaries of up to £250.00 for young people 14-17  
– Award bursaries of up to £500.00 for young people 18-21  
– Give young people the opportunity to reflect on Covid-19 and apply their creative skills to make positive change in their community  
– Offer support from The Mighty Creatives’ ‘Creative Coaches’ and staff team to help develop their response  
Whilst we encourage you to think of your own unique idea, we thought we would share a few examples to get you started. Creative responses could include:  
– Put together creative packages for isolated members of your community  
– Organise an online artist Q&A for students at your school  
– Download software to create an inspiring animation for your community  
– Write a song and fund an artist to record it  
– Design a mural for a disused area of your local town  
– Publish a printable comic strip and make it downloadable for people to read  
What do we want to achieve?  
We know the current Covid-19 situation is very challenging for everyone, but especially for young people. So many of you are already doing amazing things to help and we want to support you!   
We believe young people have the power to change the world and our aim is to ensure every child and young person can share their creative voice and make their creative ideas possible. This will support us in our fight for the creative voices of children and young people.  
Who can apply for a bursary? 
You can apply for one of the bursaries if you are:  
– Aged between 14 and 21 years old   
– Living in the East Midlands. This includes the following locations:  
– Leicester/Leicestershire  
– Nottingham/Nottinghamshire  
– Derby/Derbyshire  
– Lincolnshire  
– Northamptonshire  
– Rutland  
– Living in communities that are particularly isolated by the crisis  
We also encourage applications from adults on behalf of a young person who may be vulnerable, has additional needs or who cannot access the online form themselves.   
How can I apply for one of the bursaries? 
– Apply via the application form below. If you are finding the application form difficult to complete, please email us to discuss other ways of applying. Contact us at  
– Get support from a parent, care giver, teacher and/or another adult you may be working with if you feel like you need some help.   
–  If you are under 18, please get permission from your parent/care giver before you send an application.  
– Make sure you read our FAQs and Briefing below to help you with your application.  
– There will be a live briefing on Tuesday 13th October at 3.30pm – 5pm. This will be an opportunity for you to speak with us about any questions you may have about the application form and process. To attend, please sign up here. If you can’t attend, please find a video briefing here
The deadline for applications has been extended to Wednesday 4th November at 11am. If you have any questions that are not included in the FAQs and have not been answered at the briefing or video link, please email Hannaa Hamdache at  

Good luck and we look forward to reading your applications! 

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